Confirmed Release Date! July 30th!

Tana's Shape Handling And Postage Enterprise is confirmed! We're going public on July 30th!

Check out these fancy new screenshots in preparation for launch next month. We're so excited to be itching closer to release, and with the storefront page set up, all that's left is a spot of polish and some extra levels.

To answer any additional questions you might have:

  • The game will be free! No cost at all, but if you love what you see, please let me know, and maybe I'll make a larger version down the track. If you want to support me, follow me on Twitter at @tanatanoi, and if you looove the art like I do, follow Poppy at @BUGYUCK!
  • It most likely will be "as is" unless there is a lot of keen players wanting some more levels (or critical bug fixes). If that happens, this page will have all the latest updates.
  • While not officially published by them, this couldn't have happened as well as it did without the support from Dinosaur Polo Club!

Follow me for more adhoc updates (@tanatanoi), and I hope you are as excited for release as I am, and I will see you in July!

Thanks, Tana :)

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